About This Website

My name is Steven Shomler, and  part of what I do to enjoy my life and live The Good Life (www.goenjoythegoodlife.com) is to go to the movies. In Dec 2009, I started a blog (www.stevenshomler.com), and since I enjoy movies, blogging occasionally about some of movies I had seen and liked seemed to make sense.

Since Dec 2009, I have discovered that I really enjoy blogging, and rather than occasionally blogging about some of the movies I had seen, in the Fall of 2010, I began reviewing movies on a regular basis.

So starting in September 2010, www.goodlifemoviesreviews.com is where I post my movie reviews. Before I talk about what I do when I review a movie, let me tell you about June 1977.

I love it when the lights go down and the previews start!

I still remember June 1977 – I was 8 years old and my dad’s friend George Dodge was out visiting us at the “ranch” I grew up on (260 acres – Rancho Arroyo Del Toro, 9 miles down El Toro Road outside of Elsinore, CA.)

George convinced my dad that we all needed to go see this new movie that had incredible special effects. George had worked some in the film industry, and he was very excited about this new movie – we just had to go.

So we headed off to the Tyler Mall in Riverside, Calif  and stood in a long line on a Saturday evening to see Star Wars.  I will never forget those opening scenes. The now iconic words “A long time ago in  a galaxy far away….” The opening shot of the Imperial Star Destroyer that went on for ever. Pure Movie Magic. I was hooked!

Up to that point in my life, I had seen (and enjoyed) some Disney movies at the theater, however, this was a whole new experience. From June 1977 on, I really looked forward to going to the theater – especially in the summer. Nothing like a Summer Blockbuster! Liked them then, like them now.

I have expanded my taste in movies some since then, however to this day, I still get that same sense of anticipation and delight when the lights start going down…Pass me the popcorn!

Oh, and by the way – Thank you George! Wherever you are, I am truly grateful!

Steven Shomler

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